The Untamed

I am in line for the untamed roller coaster. My stomach is knotted up. I hear high pitched screeches coming from the other people on the roller coster and I’m going to be one of them! I look up, ”Oh no! We are next to ride!” The coaster looks colossal. My mom and I were seated in cart four. Even though it hasn’t started yet, I feel like screaming.

The next thing I know, the cart starts click clacking up. Finally we reach the top. I look down and see miniature people and buildings. ZOOM! WOOSH! It feels like we’re going a million miles an hour. I feel like I’m a piece of glass about to shatter. All of a sudden I open my eyes. As quick as a blink, the coaster shoots in to a loop. Before I knew it, there was a sharp turn into three more loops. There is a spiral whirl that made my life flash before my eyes. After that, it jerks back, and I realize is has stopped. I turn to mom and asked,”Can we do it again? My mom said, ‘NO’! So I probably should have listened to mom.


Riding Super Mable

On a gorgeous day on Ossipee Lake Kyle, my uncle, Alexa my sister, and I were about to go on the colossal tube called the Super Mable. As soon as we started we we were slanted a teeny bit off of the water. When we got as fast as we usually go, my dad winged us side to side and then he drove straight while we were on the side of a humongous wake! Then before I could even blink the whole tube flipped over!


Camp Lincoln

It was a field trip. We went to camp Lincoln. I was so excited to climb the hard rock wall there, but first we had to eat lunch. After lunch our class, 3C, walked to the rock wall and the counselors helped put on our kid size harnesses.  After we put on our harnesses we were put into groups.


When they were done, I was in the first group. After Lily went I was up. I put on my helmet and I hooked myself up and started. I got up to to the hard cheese block step and stood on it. After I got up to the cheese, I looked down and saw really small people. I finally started climbing and I was like a foot away from the top. I was going to be the first one to the top. I climbed a little bit more and touched the bell.